House Selling? Find Out How Much Your House is Worth Now!

If I could show you an easy way to find out how much your property is worth, would you be interested? Just imagine how reassured you will feel knowing that you are keeping up-to-date with your property’s currently value. The comfort you’ll have, knowing that the house values quoted take into account such factors as the actual selling prices of other similar properties in your area. Above all, the values reflect fluctuations in the market.

Oh and, while I’m on the subject, how good would it be if the data was regularly updated?

Perhaps you are generally interested in the property market, or have a need to monitor values to ensure you sell while the going is good for you.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this information is that you will know if an estate agent is trying to sell you short in return for a quick profit, or pander to your ego by over estimating the value of your property. It always looks good to potential house sellers if their local estate agent promotes properties at surprisingly high asking prices.

Most property owners in the UK know that you can easily find out how much a neighbor’s property sold for. There are several websites that have been providing this information free for a number of years. But the problem with this information is that it’s only as up-to-date as the last house that sold.

What if you want to know about the approximate value of a different property, perhaps one that hasn’t recently been sold? Perhaps your house!

Few people know how to easily access information about the current value of UK residential properties.

Property prices have taken a big hit over the last couple of years on both sides of the Atlantic. And I’m not going to say this website is absolutely spot on. It appears to rely on the latest data from The Land Registry combined with adjustments for the current fluctuations in the property market.

The truth is that no-one really knows what is going to happen next – will the anticipated second phase of the recession cause property prices to resume their decline or will they start to rally?

What is important, though, is to stay informed about the value of your investments, is it not?

With this website you can keep abreast of property values in your chosen areas; amend property details with accurate information; and view graphs illustrating the selling price trends for different towns and postcode bricks.

Best part of all, it’s a free resource and I commend it to you!

If you enjoyed this article and want to know where to find out how much your property is worth, click on this link now:

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Selling Your Own House – 3 Tips

A major mistake that most people make today when selling their house is not knowing exactly how much it is worth. The value of your house is determined by what the market will bare. Here are a few tips to consider when selling your own house.

Be Realistic

There have been more foreclosures over the last three years than at any other time in the history of the United States and this financial crisis has caused home valuations to drop as much as 60% or more. Unless you managed to get in at the right time it is unlikely that you will be selling your house at a profit and will likely just be trying to get out without a loss.

Make sure to get your house professionally appraised by someone who is not associated with a bank. Also take a look at the sales of similar houses that have recently sold in your area and come up with a reasonable bottom line figure and don’t settle for less.

Use Smart Copy Writing

Generally speaking the faster a house sells the better price you will get. If a home sits languishing on the market people will begin to wonder why. Your marketing strategy should be one of urgency, without conveying desperation. Make sure to stay away from words that make you appear desperate to sell as this will lower the value of your home. Keep the tone of the copy positive and upbeat use words that excite the readers imagination like “Picture Yourself, Imagine, see yourself…”

Have a Busy Open House

When you have your open house make sure that it is full. This conveys that there will be competition and will help up the offers a bit. You can do this in a couple of ways. Make sure to invite all of your prospective buyers over on the same day. The second is to have some food and drinks available and invite your friends as well. This will mean people will tend to stay longer and will give a relaxed atmosphere as people will feel more like they are at a party.

You can sell your own house without the need for a real estate agent and all of the hassles of an open house by selling to motivated buyers online.

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Selling Your House

Got a new job far away from your place, Feel that you need to shift somewhere else, planning to increase your family size or is your owned house coming in the way of you shifting into a livein??Selling a house can be far more difficult than anything you could have ever thought of. It has a whole lot of procedures to go through and follow, you are supposed to be acting more like a sales guy than the owner of the House.To selling propertyquicklyor to sell your house quickly you need to give ads and attend people and their calls for the enquiry and fix up their visits and their questions, listening to their demands, getting done with the paper work and on and on and on it goes on. How many amongst us would have enough time to do all this. Well not only is the patience being tested while going through such vicious circle there is also the need of money which can be one amongst the primary reason for you. Waiting for the right people to come and take over your place would take time and will not surely happen by luck. And there again, the issue would not only end up on finding a good buyer, its also getting a good price for your property.To sell a house quickly you also need to get in repaired, need to keep the floors and the walls spotless (since every buyer would want the house to be the new and to be at its best and to bring that part of the house youd need to do a lot) and to do so youd again need to invest to hire a professional landscaper to clean up the leaves, plant some fall flowers, trim the bushes and trees, and really manicure your lawn. Get the walls and the floors done. If your front walkway is cracked, now might be the time to replace it. And then go on to pick the right publicist. All this and even more just when you want to get rid of that place and sellit faster??This is where a good multiservice buying and selling company would come to lay a major role. These companies would buy the house form you weather they in turn have a buyer or not. Theyll pay you very quickly and themselves would undertake the repairing, marketing and selling the home (which though would be none of our business!). Whatever might be the case thereafter, but through such companies our individual purpose to sell house fasterwould be solved very easily.With such companies, not only would you be spared from all that I mentioned above, including the pain of redecorating the place you just want to leave and which is nothing than something which you want to convert into liquid cash and move on; youd also get your money quickly. Which means that now, youll not have to wait for months to market, sell, repair and renovate, pay real estate commissions or wait for an approved buyer! These companies also deal with the credit and loan related issues with the buyers and give them effective solutions. In short these guys are gonna be FAST – FRIENDLY and FLEXIBLE when you wanna sell your property quickly!!

Selling a house can be far more difficult than anything you could have ever thought of. It has a whole lot of procedures to go through and follow. To selling property quicklyor to sell your house quickly you need to give ads and attend people and their calls for the enquiry and fix up their visits and their questions, listening to their demands and on and on. These companies would buy the house form you. Through such companies our individual purpose to sell house fasterwould be solved very easily.

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Sell Your House Like a Pro

If you want to sell your house you should know there are a lot of factors that go into selling a home. Selling your house on your own is not impossible. It just takes a little investment of your time to learn what will make your home sell.

Choosing to sell your home on your own can save you thousands in commissions. This will let you price your house better and increase the speed it takes to complete the sale.

Learning how to sell a house is not only a great skill to have but it will afford you a life long skill that is valuable to people all over the world. Remember the more you learn the more you earn.

Agents are there to help and if you convert from selling your house to investing you will need a network of agents to help you leverage your time.

The real estate market is always great if you know the proper strategies to use. You can not change the location of your property but did you know you can add value to your property by knowing your cities development plans. Future location counts also. If you know a highway ramp or new schools have been approved make sure to let everyone know.

There are foreclosed properties on the end of my street that are bigger and selling for twenty thousand less…What can I do? This is a common dilemma in our current Cleveland real estate market and surrounding areas. The truth is even though the property is a lot cheaper than yours, the fact that it is not being aggressively marketed gives you the edge.

People want to know they are getting value. When selling your home these factors play a major roll in the time it takes to get your property sold and how much value is perceived in your property.


Hello my name is Robert but you can call me Bob, a year ago I made a decision that I would not be a slave to money. This is what I learned.

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Selling Your House – How to Sell My House Privately

This economic recession means that owners are going to have to spend more time and energy to sell their houses. However if you need to sell your house quickly then you may asking yourself “How to Sell My House Privately.” Here are a few things to consider.

The first thing you will need to do is to get your home appraised by a professional appraiser who is not associated with a bank. You should also look at similar houses in the area to get a ball park figure that you are comfortable selling your house for. Remember that by selling your house privately you are saving yourself a 3-7% commission fee so if you are really motivated you can price the house a bit below market value.

Next you will need to find buyers. The easiest and cheapest thing to do is to use on line classifieds You can look for real estate investors in places like CraigsList, Oodle, Kiijii, Backpage, Onxy and USFreeads. Of course you can also place listings here as well. Many of these sites will take HTML, so that you can also include video along with them.

FSBO.comAnother place to look for investors is, which is a for sale by owner site. For a single listing fee you can simply login and put up videos, and pictures of the house. They will also provide pre-written contracts and access to professional services in case your home needs repairs.

If you are really motivated to sell and don’t want to go through all of the hassles of putting up listings, photos, and having to answer people’s questions then you might want to consider using a professional on line property investing service. You will simply need to fill out the details of your house and submit the form for a free assessment. Within 24-48 hours someone will get back to you. They will buy houses in most conditions without the need for repair. In general they will pay up to 90% of the market value for a home. If you consider that the average commission for a real estate agent is 6% and it generally only takes a couple of weeks to complete the transaction you can see why this is a good alternative.

Sell your house fast without all of the hassles, get the cash and move on. Sell A House Privately By Clicking Here

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Selling a House – How to Sell My House Myself

In recent years real estate markets have crashed and in response real estate agent commissions have gone from an average of 5% to 6%. So you may be thinking how do I sell my house myself? Well there are several ways and a few things to consider.

Saving Money

On average you will save between 5-7% or about $ $ 15,000-21,000 in commission fees on a $ 300,000 house, and while there is a learning curve there are a lot of resources on line to help you.

Stop By

This is a for sale by owner website and here you can do everything from advertising your property to getting repairs done, signs made, and having pre-written contracts created.

In addition to there are hundreds of other on line and off line classifieds where you can market your property. Here are some tips to consider when doing so-

Use Photos

Add photos to your listings that have good lighting and wide angle shots. Remember the potential buyer must be able to see themselves living there so you will want to make sure that the light is not to dark, or bright. It should be soft, warm and inviting.

Use Videos

75% of Internet users prefer to watch videos online than reading. You can upload a video to and then embed it in your classified listings. Videos should about 2-3 minutes and again remember to be aware of the lighting.
Hold Regular Open Houses:
Obviously holding open houses are important, but do it regularly and make sure to invite prospective buyers as well as friends and family over, by adding food and drinks. This will give the appearance of a fuller open house and may help to drive up the driving price by creating the perception of greater competition.

Have Accurate Pricing

The biggest mistake most sellers make is not having an accurate idea of how much their house is actually worth. Make sure to get it appraised by a professional before you put it on the market. You can get an online appraisal done at

Sell Your House to A Professional Investment Group

If this sounds like a lot of work it is and that’s why agents get such large commissions. Another option is to sell to an investment group. As a rule of thumb they will purchase properties for 90% of market value. Transactions can be completed in as little as two weeks time and they will pay cash without having to do repairs.

I Want To Sell My House Myself and avoid the hassles by filling out a FREE no obligation request for appraisal. Sell Your Own House By Clicking Here

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How to Sell Your House Through an Auction

In the last couple of weeks I have been discussing things that you can do to sell your house quickly. This week I wanted to touch on a way to sale that has been around for a long time but is really starting to pick up steam in the residential sales market. House Auctions.

Many people are starting to turn to selling there house by auction. The auction format has many advantages but it also has it share of downfalls. A house auction can be performed a few ways but the most general way is for a seller to announce that the house will be auctioned off on a set date and time. They let the general public know the terms in which they will be selling the house.

The terms normally include the starting bid amount, the qualification guidelines to be considered a genuine buyer, and the way the auction will take place meaning will it be a sealed bid auction where everyone writes down there offer and the highest bid is accepted or a round robin auction where the 3 highest bidders will be allowed to continue bidding against each other until only one is left.

Once the seller sets all the terms they usually allow the potential buyers time to come and inspect the property and ask any questions they may have about the house. Then at the actual auction, everyone that is interested will bid and the highest bidder will win the right to buy the house. The first question that comes to your mind may be, well what if the seller doesn’t get a high enough bid for the house?

In that case most auctions have a stipulation that says the the seller must approve the final winning bid amount. The reason these auctions work well is because they create a great buzz or interest in the property. People are always interested in a potential deal and the chance to buy a house at a great discount will always get people in the door.

The auction also creates the illusion of lost opportunity. Buyers are more likely to make a decision on buying a house when they are faced with the thought of the prize being pulled away from them. If an auction sounds right for you, you can learn more about house auctions on the internet as well as there are several companies that will conduct your house auction for you.

Till next time, Good luck and God Bless and remember… If you have any questions about saving or selling your home or any topics on real estate that you would like to know more about please email me.

Arthur V. Veal IV is the owner of We Buy Houses Home Services, a real estate investment company. They specialize in buying houses on terms. Buying on terms allows them to purchase houses and pay very near retail prices while still selling the house for a profit. His company boast a 73% success rate when helping sellers sell their property quickly and getting them a price they feel is fair. Find out more about there programs by visiting their site at

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Sell My House – I Want to Sell My House Fast

Maybe you are experiencing financial hardship, a divorce, you are simply moving abroad or you want to retire soon. Whatever the case may be if you’ve ever thought I want to sell my house fast, there here are a few tips to consider.

Expectations for 2009-2010

As of 2009 properties values in the US have fallen as much as 60% in some regions and the market is not expected to recover any time soon. Since many properties are languishing on the market and taking longer and longer to sell real estate agent commissions are expected to increase from an average of 5.12% in 2008 to 6% or an average of $ 18,000 on a $ 300,000 house.

Sell to a Buying Group

If you don’t fancy having to pay this commission only to see your house sitting on the markets for months and having to deal with open houses, repairs, and answering questions then there is a solution.

A fast solution is to sell your house to a professional real estate investing group. These companies will generally pay up to 90% of market value, and the transaction can be completed in a matter of weeks. Since these professional groups invest for the long term they are not subject to the day to day fluctuations that the rest of us are.

While losing 10% in the front end may seem like a big price to pay, if you consider that you will not need a real estate agent to sell your home there is an immediate 6% that you don’t have to spend. Add to this the fact that you will not have expenses to market your property, deal with open houses, or make repairs and that 4% is really a pretty small price to pay. Also consider the fact that prices may continue to drop for the next few years and selling to a private investment group seems like a pretty bright idea.

Avoid All The Hassles And Sell A House Fast By Clicking Here

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Sell My House Fast!

If the housing market is poor, like it is right now than selling your home fast is even more difficult. However, there are ways to increase the chance of people beating down your door so you can sell your house.

First, consider lowering the price the point to where the house can sell on cost alone. This might be difficult for some people to do because that is money that they are taking right out of their pocket. However, if you need to sell your house fast than this is going to get things moving more than any other one item. The irony is that in most cases if you set it really low, even up to 20% lower you most likely will start a bidding war for your home, even in today’s market. So the price will rise close, if not over the value you would have placed on it. But you are going to have to have mental toughness to do this and most people just don’t have a belief that it will work out this way.

Get yourself a storage unit and put everything possible in there. A house that looks packed will cause people to think it is small. A house that has less in it will actually cause people to think it’s large and spacious.

Next add lamps, lights and increase the wattage of the other bulbs in your home to make the house glow. Light is one of the things that help people feel the house is alive and fresh, dark homes make people feel down. So brighten the room up with lighting throughout the house.

Although it’s your home people are looking for a house, so take your personality out of the house. Family photos, religious information, work related information, etc. will take away the focus from the house and place it on the home.

People buy the kitchen, so place the focus on the kitchen and either do a light remodel with appliances or a full remodel with cabinets, countertops, flooring and appliances. This is an area of real importance in getting your house to move quickly.

Last, be ready to show it. People won’t come when you are ready, they will come when they are ready and normally that means with a very short notice. Keep the house clean and clutter free so an agent can call and show with a moment’s notice. Take the time up front to learn what you need to do to sell your house fast and you will increase your chances.

Tab Pierce is an executive sales leader and security professional who has spent years as a serial entrepreneur. He has owned successful companies within eLearning, data management, telecommunications and others. He has also successfully assisted companies integrate sound sales processes into their organization.

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One Click To Sell Your House

There was a time when selling your house would need you to give advertisements, get in touch with the brokers and do a lot of physical and mental struggle in selling it out along with the pain of moving your stuff into a new place and other related issues. Fixing up a deal to sell out used to be a fiesta , something like Eureka!! When you are not sure of which roads will lead you to LA, all you can do is to try moving in various direction and find if anyone of then can lead you there, like wisely while selling your house in New York, you try a lot of options right from newspaper ads to brokers to signboards and what not, hoping that one of these might surely click and not exactly knowing which one would. These days with Online House selling options available, house sale in New York is going to be a holidaying experience for you! This means that now you can browse facebook and sell your house at the same time. Such online companies will also provide you with a house selling guide regarding the procedures and formalities be followed while selling the house. Not only this, theyll also Guide you through the entire process of the house selling.With such modern and well integrated companies working in the NY, all youve got to do for selling your house is to get in touch with them, log on to their website, fill in your personal details and details of the house/property you want to sell and thats it. The minute they get your information, theyll get into action and will either send you a confirmation regarding the same or send some of their executives to you regarding the same. Their working is very different and integrated as compared to the other companies in the profession, wherein after the submission youll have to wait for months for your file to be in processing. Such trivial forms of property dealing companies used to buy and sell houses depending on the need of the people they might encounter, whod want to buy houses. There were no such special efforts put by them to pitch a particular house, may it be yours or somebody elses. But the Modern integrated Online house selling sites/companies have a data base of the properties in the locality with a good number of buyer list for every property they undertake. Theyll not make you wait for months. The entire process starting form you sending your details to them and they reverting back to you with a buying offer will just be in a short span of 7 days!! Yes, youve heard it right jus 7 days to sell your house, even less. Bad tenants or diverse, shifting to new city or just moving for a change, need for money or foreclosure whatsoever be the reason, such online house selling would provide you one click solution to all your problems.

The Author Says There was a time when selling your house would need you to give advertisements, get in touch with the brokers and do a lot of physical and mental struggle in selling it out. These days with Online House selling options available, house sale in New York is going to be a holidaying experience for you! Such online companies will also provide you with a house selling guide regarding the procedures and formalities be followed while selling the house.

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