If I could show you an easy way to find out how much your property is worth, would you be interested? Just imagine how reassured you will feel knowing that you are keeping up-to-date with your property’s currently value. The comfort you’ll have, knowing that the house values quoted take into account such factors as the actual selling prices of other similar properties in your area. Above all, the values reflect fluctuations in the market.

Oh and, while I’m on the subject, how good would it be if the data was regularly updated?

Perhaps you are generally interested in the property market, or have a need to monitor values to ensure you sell while the going is good for you.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of this information is that you will know if an estate agent is trying to sell you short in return for a quick profit, or pander to your ego by over estimating the value of your property. It always looks good to potential house sellers if their local estate agent promotes properties at surprisingly high asking prices.

Most property owners in the UK know that you can easily find out how much a neighbor’s property sold for. There are several websites that have been providing this information free for a number of years. But the problem with this information is that it’s only as up-to-date as the last house that sold.

What if you want to know about the approximate value of a different property, perhaps one that hasn’t recently been sold? Perhaps your house!

Few people know how to easily access information about the current value of UK residential properties.

Property prices have taken a big hit over the last couple of years on both sides of the Atlantic. And I’m not going to say this website is absolutely spot on. It appears to rely on the latest data from The Land Registry combined with adjustments for the current fluctuations in the property market.

The truth is that no-one really knows what is going to happen next – will the anticipated second phase of the recession cause property prices to resume their decline or will they start to rally?

What is important, though, is to stay informed about the value of your investments, is it not?

With this website you can keep abreast of property values in your chosen areas; amend property details with accurate information; and view graphs illustrating the selling price trends for different towns and postcode bricks.

Best part of all, it’s a free resource and I commend it to you!

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