Sell My House – Stage Your Home For Quick Sell

Time for you to sell your home and you are wondering how you can prepare your home to sell and sell quickly. Real estate professionals call this staging and it’s a way to make your house look fantastic and prepared when people come in to take a look at your home. With staging it is all about setting the proper mood, so you want to be on your game.     

Very simply follow your senses. Your sense of smell may not be the greatest, but someone else’s may so make sure to have someone with a sensitive nose come into your house and give you an honest assessment of how your home smells. Does it smell like mildew, dog, cat, old lady, you get the idea. Do what you can to remove those unwanted smells, add some beautiful and fragrant flowers. It masks potential smells and adds beauty to the area. That’s a double win for you.    

If it looks messy or cluttered people are going to be turned off, that lived in look may work when all you want to do is stay in your house. However, if you are looking to sell that lived in look just doesn’t work. If it looks dirty or messy than it is and that’s going to be a major detractor from your ultimate objective of selling your home. Take a look for dirt and dust, old magazines, etc. and get rid of it. If it can be taken to a thrift store than that’s a great option and it will keep things from being too cluttered.    

You don’t want the first thing the buyer sees when they come to your home being peeled paint on the outside; it’s hard to get past that for many people. The same thing goes for the inside of the house, if the paint is bad then that is going to be a major turnoff to most people.     

You want people to visualize what it’s going to be like when they move in, not all the work they are going to need to do just to get it up to snuff. Take time and learn about home selling tips prior to putting it on the market, make sure you understand clearly how to best stage your home for maximum impact as people start coming to visit and view the home. You want to sell it quickly and staging will help you do just that.

Tab Pierce is an executive sales leader and security professional who has spent years as a serial entrepreneur. He has owned successful companies within eLearning, data management, telecommunications and others. He has also successfully assisted companies integrate sound sales processes into their organization.

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Selling A House Via A Phoenix Real Estate Agent

One major advantages of selling a Property Through a Phoenix Real Estate agent is that they might support you establish the total worth of your property, and make efforts to sell it at that cost or at least near to it. Sadly enough, most of the Sites are sold today at a cost which is a lot less than they count on it to be. The worst part of it is which neither an investor nor an agent could manipulate the price which the marketplace is eager to spend, as this attribute of selling House is dependent on the total worth of the house.

Nevertheless, the term Comparable Sales might be of some help. This means that while, repairing the deal of selling your house; compare the rate with the houses around that are sold recently. Certain internet websites are focused to comparable sales; so which you may yourself figure out the worth of your Phoenix Real Estate Asset in comparison to the nearby premises. In most of the areas in US, estate agents sell premises at about 90% of the total worth. Subtracting 6% of that for agents fees, the total percentage received by the Property owners is about 84%. You may refer to a variety of internet websites, to obtain out the average value of houses and their sales price. At this moment, the discrepancy in between the original value and the sales price is not disappointingly higher.

However, one positive portion for your Phoenix Real Estate agent about being inclined to sell your house at a price, as superior as possible, is that the larger the selling price, the larger will be his/her commission. Pursuant to that, the agents motivation lies in generating bigger money. An average agent claims about 6% of the cost, the house is sold at. This 6% is shared between the listing agent and the agent selling it. The amount your agent makes out of It should again have to be shared with his agency. If the further tax and other hidden fees are disclosed, the agent will be left with incredibly little of the amount. Thus the higher he earns from selling, the more he manages to keep with himself.

Nevertheless, some Phoenix Real Estate agents tend to sell Properties at a cost cheaper, than expected, so which they might generate a quick sell and move on to the next Asset.

We have a substantial inventory of Phoenix Real Estate Premises for both domestic and commercial usage. Call us to check them out. If you are looking for Phoenix Realtors in your location please go to our webpage today by simply clicking the link.

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Feng Shui Selling House Red Envelope – Feng Shui Your Studio

Feng Shui Selling House Red Envelope

If you live in a studio and think you can’t use Feng Shui Principles to create your own small sanctuary, think again. The idea of Feng Shui is to promote peace and harmony in your surroundings and to implement changes to a positive flow of energy. There are simple and inexpensive things you can do to help you achieve this, even in a studio. Feng Shui Selling House Red Envelope

I know many articles have been written about clutter, but particularly in small spaces, organizing is an absolute essential way to begin. You always need to clear out the old to allow room for the new but with limited space it is particularly important to keep clutter out. What exactly IS clutter? Simply defined, it is something you don’t need, use or love. It doesn’t mean to keep something in case you think you may have a use for it next year. And you’re not going to fall in love with something that you’re not particularly fond of now.

It’s time to let it go. You can donate it or try selling it. Clothes that you no longer wear or that don’t fit can make you a little money on ebay if you have the time. Or sending it to a specific cause such as the victims of Katrina can give you a wonderful feeling. Do it, you’ll feel better!

Now that your closets are clean take a look around your room. Is the furniture size appropriate for you space size? Are the pictures overwhelming on your walls? Generally speaking, in a small space less is better. Although a coffee table may be useful, removing it can open up your space a great deal.

A widely used Feng Shui Principle is to let the outside IN. Take advantage of any windows you have that would allow natural light in your space. If the view isn’t the best you’ve ever had, use a few sun catchers to still allow the light in but deflect the less then desirable scenery.

Check the Bagua to see where each area of your home has an association and then compliment that area. For example, standing at the front door, your left back side of your space is your “wealth” area. Enhance it with a plant, a money frog or a small Red Feng Shui Money Envelope which could be hidden behind a picture. Remember to put three like coins in it first. Always remember with Feng Shui that your intention is 90% of what you’d like to accomplish by making a change so keep that in mind always when changing anything.

The back right Center of your space is Fame. The meaning of Fame is how you are known to the world (as a mother, a student, an artist) but also how you would LIKE to be known. If possible we use something with the color red in this area (to “light” up your fame) and add your name (which in Feng Shui “puts it out to the Universe). Feng Shui Selling House Red Envelope

The back right side of your space is your relationship area. Pictures of two are highly recommended here. If you have significant other, grace this area with pictures of the two of you. If you’re looking for one, add a picture of yourself with a profile of someone you are looking for. We’re not talking looks here, on the back I would like you to list the qualities you are seeking in that special “someone.” This opens our lives not only to meeting someone new but also that we actually like and are in tune with.

Check the very center of your area as we relate this to health. Something here in the color green (a small floor mat or lush plant that is thriving) will help keep US healthy.
Needless to say, this area should always be kept especially clean!

Over to the front right side we find Helpful People. I love this area and think it is very much overlooked in Feng Shui. Here you can put simple things that loved ones have brought to you as a gift. When someone says “I was thinking of you and saw this”, you’ll know where it goes. By putting things that loved family and friends have given us in the past you will draw more helpful people into your life. Remember the law of Six Degrees of Separation!

The left front center indicates your knowledge area. It is a good place to store some books you plan to read again to put new ones that you have been meaning to get to. If you have a desk, it’s also a good place for it if it works with your layout.

And what to do for your doorway, the entrance to your lovely studio? Always “Welcome” people into your space, either with a mat or a wreath that uses the word. We always want to make people feel welcome before they even enter our space. This also represents Career. Think about your career, if you’re happy with it, would like to be promoted or if you’d like to look for something else altogether. Put a business card on the inside just above the door and if you’re seeking a promotion, something next to it that would indicate a higher rank, such as another title. If you’re looking for something else entirely, put something up there that reflects what it is you’re looking for, whether it’s working with a certain company or in a different field.

All of these changes should promote peace and enhance your lives with the Intention of what you’re looking to create with Feng Shui and are simple and inexpensive. So get a start on it and watch things change in a positive direction! Feng Shui Selling House Red Envelope

Getting bad luck recently? Not smooth in life?

Get your Feng Shui Selling House Red Envelope and change your luck now!

Try this Ultimate Feng Shui Solution and create Happiness, Health and Prosperity!

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How to Move Your House

Congratulations you’ve just gotten that dream job you’ve always wanted and now you are planning to move. However you don’t have to leave your old home behind. If you have the financial capability, you can look into home removals. Home removal is where you pay someone the big money to come in and move your home from point A to point B.

Home removals are generally very big, expensive, and timely procedures. This isn’t moving a filling cabinet it’s moving your house, and it may be two story or more. When undertaking a home removal the first thing you will do is find the right company. Then you have to talk to your local government and inform them of what you are doing. This is going to involve driving a house down a road, at a very slow speed, so they will have to divert traffic.

You also have to check to see it the house can be transported without interfering with the local infrastructure lines. Low hanging power and phone lines can be a severe problem when trying to move a home. After you’ve taken care of all the logistics for moving this thing, and you’ve hired your company it’s time to watch them work. Watch closely this is going to be interesting.

The first thing a home removals company will do is disconnect all your utilities and any wires going to the house. They will then start to determine the size of your home, and where the pressure points are on the house. After they have gathered all of the information required for the job they will start with the actual home removal. This is going to be a monumental task, so stay out of their way.

The next step will be to lift your home off of its foundations, and several feet into the air. This will be accomplished by disconnecting any restraining bolts or bars holding your home down and using hydraulic lifts to lift the house. This takes some time as they have to properly balance the lifts and make sure everything is level. After the have lifted it high enough they will then move it to the flat bed.

The flat beds involved in home removals are often monsters, in terms of size and power. Moving a house over the road requires a lot of horsepower and torque. Home removal has come some ways from when it was first started, but it still has the same need for a good truck. Of course a qualified driver never hurt either.

After being lifted and moved to the flat bed the truck will then start it’s slow, careful, and perilous journey to your homes new destination. If your home is modular, or two large for one truck it may be separated into two different pieces for easier transport. This will be a slow process but it will get to it’s destination in one piece. Then moved into position and mounted on its new foundation.

In closing removal services can go smoothly or badly. It all depends on the company and weather. Home removal is not small feat and if you can do it you’ll have an achievement under your belt. Now go enjoy your new job from your old home.

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A Guide To Selling Your House And Renting It Back

The world has just gone through one of the worst recessions since the great depression. Financially, times have become very hard for many people. Debts and bills are holding many people back from truly being able to enjoy their life. If you are in a situation where governments, agencies, and banks all seem to be harassing you for your hard earned money, then there may be a way out if you are a home owner. It is called Sell and Rent Back and it can be the solution to your financial problems.

‘Sell and Rent Back’ is exactly what it sounds like. You sell your home, only to rent it back at a price that is usually more manageable than your mortgage. ‘Sell and Rent Back’ companies buy the house below current market value. They typically pay around 60% to 70% of what the house is worth, although there are occasions when a house may sell for even less. A few S&RB companies do offer to pay the full house value at a later date. Once you’ve sold the house. You are still allowed to live in the house. However, your status changes from home owner to renter.

There are many benefits to selling and renting your house, but these three are really crucial. First of all, if you have any pressing financial obligations and need a large sum of cash relatively quick, then ‘Sell and Rent Back’ is an option that you should be considering. It is one of the quickest ways to come up with a substantial amount of money which you can use to settle pressing financial issues.

Second, you won’t have to relocate because you are allowed to continue living in the house. That is something you should consider if you have a family or live near your workplace. Finally, ‘Sell and Rent Back’ companies strongly believe in keeping all of these transactions in house. If you don’t want your neighbors or friends to find out that you are no longer a home owner, then there is no reason to tell them.

First thing you need to do is find a reputable Sell and Rent Back company. This isn’t a transaction you should trust with some shady business that doesn’t really have any solid history. Find a company that has been in business for a while and has gained a solid reputation. This is a largely unregulated field, so beware of companies who only view you as their next paycheck. Before you agree to work with an S&RB company, be sure to check the background, credit history, and whether it has any outstanding debts. If the company can pass all of those preliminary tests, then you can move on to the next stage of the process.

After you find a company, you still need to be active in the buy and sell back process. That means reviewing contracts, terms and conditions, and any important documents that will affect you. You have to be able to stand up for what you are trying to accomplish when you come up with something that might not be beneficial to you. Reading all the fine print will help protect you from signing contracts that might end up hurting you in the long run.

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Sell Your House Fast With Three Basic Steps

When you need to sell your house fast, it is important to know all the options available to you. You should also be aware of some basic things you can do to facilitate the process. The options available to you when selling your house may include using a real estate agent or real estate investor.

You can always try to sell it yourself. However, keep in mind, you will have to deal with all the advertising, showing, and negotiating with potential buyers. These are all very time consuming steps. Regardless of whether you decide to use a realtor, sell it yourself, or sell to an investor, there are a few steps you need to take to make sure you sell your house fast.


Most people know that a house needs to be cleaned before you show it. The main areas of concern are kitchens and bathrooms. These are the first places that your prospects will look. Carpeting should be professionally cleaned, and or replaced. Also, paint the main areas with a neutral color like tan or gray. Although bright colors may be appealing to some, they majority of people may be turned off.

Remove the Clutter

The idea is to make your house as appealing as you can to the largest number of people. Pack away knick knacks and excessive personal photos as people can be turned off by these things. Even though these photos and knick knack may have sentimental value to you, most people don’t understand this. By cleaning up the clutter it makes the place look cleaner, therefore more appealing. Also, put away small appliances like toasters, blenders, etc. to increase counter space.

Stage the House

Staging is one thing that is overlooked by most people. If you are living in the house Take out pieces of furniture to make rooms look more spacious. If you are not living in the house you will want to add a few pieces of furniture to give the potential buyer and idea of what it could look like if they lived there. If you don’t have extra furniture, there are companies that provide this service. Just Google “home staging” and you can start there.

Remember when a prospective buyer walks through that door they have to be able to envision themselves living there. When they walk through the door they need to feel like they are at home already. By following these few tips, you can increase your chances to sell your house fast.

Learn tips on how to sell your house fast by using a real estate investor.

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Maximize Your Time When Selling A House in Beverly Hills


The Beverly Hills area is widely known. Thus, it is a place that everyone wants to be. With that being said, when selling a home it would be logical to think that it would be simple. Yet, there are many things that the homeowner must consider before they put their house up for sale. What are these aspects? This article will highlight the little things that most homeowners forget to make sure are correct before the house is put on the market.


For starters, every little problem with the house must be fixed. Many homeowners simply make sure that the walls are freshly painted, the carpets clean and the outside looking crisp. Yes, these are also important aspects that need to be remembered. However, the little things such as a crack in the sink or a rusting pipe are also vital to the success or failure of the home. These are the small aspects that people tend to forget when they put up their Beverly Hills home for sale, however they will not go unnoticed by the buyer. Many times the buyer will have a property inspected before they decide to purchase, and an inspector will be looking for these tiny things because it could become a major problem for the buyers in the future, which is why it is very important to fix these matters before you even begin showing the house to potential buyers.


Next, you want to make sure that your asking price is fair. Here is the problem with this situation. Many homeowners feel that is a reasonable asking price, however, buyers differ in that opinion. So how can you make sure that you are not getting cheated and it is a price that the buyers will agree with? For those who are using a real estate agent, he or she should be able to find a figure that everyone will agree with. If you want to double check this figure, simply look at houses that have sold in the area, what did they end selling for? It is also a good idea to check your price with those around you in order to determine whether you are slightly above or below average. Keep in mind that if your asking price is slightly below average, you increase your chances of making the sale.


When you decide that you are ready to sell your home, do not jump the gun and automatically list your house on the market. Take the time to make sure everything is right, you will save yourself time and a headache in the long run.


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Selling a House With Feng Shui and the Law of Attraction

If you believe in the law of attraction, you know that all thoughts and emotions must stay focused on the desired outcome, rather than the lack of that outcome. In this case, they need to focus on the house being sold rather than why it hasn’t sold yet. The real estate agent should be envisioning shaking hands with the clients after the closing, and perhaps even thinking about where and how he’ll spend the commission check.

The sellers should be getting ready to move – packing the things they don’t use every day, donating the things they’ll never use, and envisioning what they’re going to do after the house is sold.

One of the pre-listing tasks that most real estate agents will recommend is staging the house. They’ll tell the sellers that they can’t let the place look “lived in” right now – it needs to look like a “model home” so that buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Using Feng Shui goes hand in hand with staging, but takes it a step farther.

In Feng Shui, the focus is on placing objects and colors in the proper places to bring about a desired change. Each area of a house – or a room – represents a different quality of life. These include health, love, prosperity and wealth, fame, etc.

You may or may not believe that this can work, but by re-arranging the house and the rooms according to the teachings of Feng Shui, the homeowner can’t help but stay focused on the successful outcome. That is, after all, why he or she is going to this trouble! 

Contrary to what some believe, the objects don’t have to be Oriental in nature. Most homeowners can merely re-arrange objects they already own, although they might need to buy some small objects to achieve the color balance. Perhaps they’ll need a new set of towels, a throw pillow, or some artificial flowers.

One of my favorite instructional books on the subject is “The Western Guide to Feng Shui.” There are also books written expressly for real estate agents and their clients.

The second benefit is that by applying Feng Shui, a room comes into balance and achieves a “feeling” and a warmth that many professionally decorated rooms lack. This may be because each of the elements of  fire, water, earth, metal, and wood are represented in each room.

Whatever the reason, people entering a room that has “Been Feng Shuied” are relaxed and at ease. They don’t really want to leave – and that feeling alone can go a long way toward making the sale!

Marte Cliff is a Freelance Copywriter and former real estate broker who specializes in writing for real estate and related industries.

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10 Questions to Ask Your Agent About Selling a House

1. Do you work full-time as a real estate agent? How long have you been working full-time in this industry? Do you also represent buyers? If so, for how long already? Kindly provide me your professional designations.

Issues in schedule as well as the agent’s dedication to your business deal can be determined whether he or she works full-time or not. Professional designations and the number of years the agent has been in this business are good references.

2. Do you have someone who will work with you in our transaction? How can they assist me? May I have their names? How can I get in touch with them?

Agents normally have a team or staff to help them selling a number of houses. They will usually hire more people the moment their businesses grow. Meeting with the agent’s team before you decide to work with them is imperative. You must get to know them. Understand their roles so you can formulate better expectations.

3. Do you own a website where you will list my property? Who will reply to the inquiries sent by my potential buyers? Can I have your email address and the name of your website?

Because of the convenience of online search, most home buyers choose to browse the Internet for home listings. Have your home listed on the web, may it be on the website of the agent or the company he or she is affiliated with.

4. How will you communicate with me and how often?

Many agents will use email, fax, or phone to keep in touch with you daily or weekly regarding some updates. Make this clear with your agent so you can level off your needs with the agent’s scheme.

5. What separates you from other agents? Kindly compare the average market time of other agents with yours.

In most cases, an agent’s marketing skills will spell the difference. How fast your home could sell will also depend on the research methods and execution of your agent. Researching for your area’s demographics can allow your agent to come up with a specific market list. This can help you market your property directly.

6. Will you inform me of the names of your previous clients?

Asking for the names of your agent’s past clients is a reliable way of checking if your agent has a good track record. This can be likened to the references asked by employers to the applicants. Communicating with the agents’ references will allow you to determine if his or her working style is what you are looking for.

7. Do you offer performance guarantee? Is it possible for me to end our listing agreement just in case I am unhappy with your work?

Offering a performance guarantee is easier said than done, considering how greatly regulated the real estate industry is. However, not having a guarantee does not imply that your agent is not capable of producing first-rate service. Agents normally will discuss with you the things you can anticipate from them.

8. Kindly provide details as to how you will be paid as well as the breakdown of the necessary fees. Can you put that in writing?

In most cases, agent commissions are shouldered by the sellers. Agents sometimes charge their clients- may it be a seller or a buyer- with other fees like administrative or special service fees. Be sure to ask your agent for a rough estimate of costs before signing any contract.

9. What will be your strategies in developing pricing approaches in selling my home?

Price is the usual factor if a property will sell quickly or not. Be sure that the present property information is available. Having a pre-appraisal will also be useful. Make sure you also understand your agent’s process of how he or she came up with the market analysis. You should also determine if foreclosed and For Sale by Owner homes as well as bank-owned sales are present in that file.

10. What will be your techniques in selling my house? How, where, and when will my house be advertised and who will shoulder the advertising expenses?

Your agent should have a detailed plan showing how the promotional budget for your property will be used. Be sure to ask your agent to present this to you. You should also ask if your agent has samples of the marketing tactics he or she suggested.

Add your property to our list of for sale by owners homes for free. Buyers looking for a new source of property for sale by owner can search for free. Free articles and tips, and secrets for buying and selling a home in today’s marketplace.

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Sell House Fast as Possible.

This article will go over what you need to be careful about when dealing with investors. You would consider selling to an investor if for example you wanted to sell your house fast or if you just wanted to avoid the inevitable stress of going through an agent. Selling to an investor is typically a straight forward affair, although you should keep the following few points in mind.
Only go with experienced investors – if you get the feeling that the investor is not competent or lacks experience, then choose another one – selling a house is a big deal and you want to work with good people on it.

Confirm that the offered amount is not going to change at any point. Sadly there are a very small number of people out there that will agree one figure only to reduce it several weeks into the process, sell house fast in the hope that the seller will be too far along to pull out. Obviously this is morally reprehensible and if you suspect that the investor may do something like this, and then run a mile. Fortunately, there are very few people who stoop so low as to use this tactic.

Look out for things like the investor calling when he says he’ll call etc – if he can’t keep small commitments, then what are the chances that he can keep big ones?

Ask how long it will take. Beware investors who promise too much – a lot of investors has the ability to complete in as little as a week. However to do this is actually quite difficult and can be quite expensive. Consequently most will do it in about 4-8 weeks. If it seems too good to be true, then it may just be.

Watch out for investors who claim to offer 90% of the market value of the property for a straight purchase. This is actually far above the level of possible finance for a property, so an experienced investor would be very unlikely to offer it. While some may, be careful that they don’t offer 90% now only to reduce it at a later stage.

Some investors do insist on getting the seller to pay for a survey although a lot of good investors pay for it themselves – make sure you get the investor to pay for it.

A god investor will also pay the legal fees for the seller – if he doesn’t offer to do this then ask him to do so.

A good investor should be able to make an offer within a day or 2 – if it takes much longer than this then they may have either too much going on themselves or may not be that competent -either way be aware of it.

Hopefully these tips will help you when you do speak with investors, if used with some good common sense you should hopefully be able to sell quickly.

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